Thursday, May 09, 2019

End of Winter and Wondercon!

 These were my Valentines for this year. I feel like I make like 40 a year to send out and give out. It is so fun! I got a little head start thanks to out new Skype Art Night that my family and me do. My daughter likes to take her laptop upstairs and join in from there. It is so great to be able to "hang out" with my sister who is up in the Northwest. We hope to make a trip up there soon. In these Valentine's I used my old heart stamps I carved a few years ago. I really like the way they came out. One of them I carved backwards, but it still looks cool.

 WONDERCON 2019!!!! Our first con ever! I have always wanted to go to Comicon but it sells out so fast! This one is closer and had not sold out. We had so much fun. These photos do not do it justice. Awesome cosplay everywhere! The hotel was jam packed with cosplayers. It was so surreal! I wish I had taken a video so you can get a feel for it. I loved all the venders. The art was amazing! The toys were so cool! There was SO MUCH STUFF!!! We are totally going again next year!

 Unico! I totally almost bought this. Oh the nostalgia and memories!
 It's Matt! How is the 9 pack going?
 Overwatch? There was a lot over overwatch cosplay.
 Mr. and Mrs. Packman! So cool!
 My daughter was Mabel and I was Dipper. She was adorable! We even had a photo request. 

Skellator! What an awesome cosplay!
 Tank Girl!

We have so many ideas for next year already! I think we are starting up our journals again for our round robin. I have a little more work to do on the one I have. I hope to finish up my horse painting....finally! I just need to work on the grass a bit. I want to start on another painting, but I cannot find a good backdrop for the image I want to use. I would love to take some time to get some photos around the valley too. The grass and super bloom are fading. It was so very beautiful. I have thoroughly enjoyed soaking it all in, but have not thought to pull over and photo everything. The photos never look as good as what I see.

Catching Up?

 Winter highlights and inspirations. Last year we decided to see what Christmas season was like at the Disneyland Resort. We were not disappointed. We stayed at the Disney Peir hotel and loved all the underwater themed Christmas trees. We finally got my daughter to come on It's a Small World ride. The Christmas decorations looked amazing! Some of the trees at the park were ginormous!!

 My family ditched me with Darth Vader. Pretty intimidating to see him alone. He is so tall! Kylo Ren was angrier though. The Castle looked amazing. The reflection in the water was beautiful. We really had a nice trip.

Had some fun creating in a journal exchange. Always so intimidating. Everyone seems to have a well established style, but mine feel forced. I just did some sketches similar to what I would have done in my journal. I had to fit in a sketch of my cat Stella. The eucalyptus branch is from the beautiful tree that used to be in our parking lot. The landlord took it down which made me so sad! I will forever miss the sound of the wind blowing through it's branches and the sound of the birds and bees that loved it.

 A few more photos of our Disney trip. I had to stop at Trader Sams for a few drinks and a sketch. Always love it there!! And a super sweet snuggle from my favorite kid in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room. Cannot wait to get back there.
 My daughter decided she still was not ready to say goodbye to Halloween so we decided to decorate at home for a Holloweenesque Christmas. It was really fun to do.
 The tree topper I made. It is supposed to be a full moon. Even Ogrim Doom Hammer got into the season. I hand carved a big stamp for my cards this year, but I am not sure if everyone got theirs in time. The red ink did that thing where it did not want to dry. I really enjoyed making it and loved the way it came out. A lot of people thought I bought it.

 So this was most of my winter this/last year. I did have one Christmas themed decoration on my table. I have always loved this little LEGO gingerbread house. We made gingerbread cookies this year. They were so good! The tiny houses were too cute to eat. So many happy and warm memories!

Sunday, September 09, 2018

 Just thought I would quickly throw a post together. I have posted all this, as it happened, on my Facebook page, but I thought I would add it here as well. I have not had time to paint for a while and was very excited to get in some painting this summer. Finding the right kind of time to paint that coordinates with the weather has been tough. This composition was hard to get right. Horses can be hard and my reference I am using does not have a strong light source so I was making that part up. I really like it so far, but still have a ways to go.
 I got it to the photo at the top and have not got back to it. I am afraid my paint pallet has probably dried up by now. I have a day coming up that I might be able to work some more on it, but not sure. I love to watch the progression and photo my pallet from time to time. I find myself looking at the photos of the paint in the pallet and getting a sensation like hunger to get out and paint. I really believe that making art is as essential to my well being as food. I have been starving off and on for too long.

 So there was my progression for this painting so far and another pallet photo. It is so nice to hang out on my back porch and paint. It is best when I can leave the back door open and have my kitties watching and my music blaring (retro Beastie Boys lately LOL). My back porch is half full of plants and flowers that I love being surrounded by. I get the occasional buzz from a hummingbird and the sounds of a gentle breeze.  It really is bliss when I am in the middle of it.
 And these are the kitties; Shallow and Stella. Their purrs and cuddles are so nice. I do not know how I went so long without some fur babies. I am sure they will end up in a painting someday. I sketch them from time to time, they do not hold still much.
I got invited to a journal exchange with some amazing artists which has been so fun! I love all that I have seen so far. I hope I am worthy. I do not feel my work has the confident style that the others have. I hope to have my stuff together and post some links to them and show more images from the journals. This is one I did in my mom's journal. I love tricolored black birds. Their song is so beautiful.