Sunday, January 05, 2014

December was a Fun and Full Month

 I sure hope everyone had a wonderful Holidays, Christmas and New Years! Really looking forward to 2014! I started December off with one of my favorite family recipes: persimmon cookies. They are sooooo good. The persimmons are always such a beautiful orange that completely represents the colder seasons.
I always wanted to illustrate this recipe. The colors and taste are so inspiring. Every stage has its beauty. Can't forget to mention the smell as well....mmmmmm. 

The end product is a very fluffy, bread like texture, resembling the taste of pumpkin bread. I like to add icing flavored with mandarin orange zest.
 I finally found time to work in my Sketchbook Project journal. It is due January 15th! yikes!! Better get to work. I made my theme portraits. My goal is to sketch images from Pinterest. Hehe.
My daughter and me built a gingerbread house from a kit we got at the store. It was so much fun! And it turned out so cute!. My daughter used it as decoration in her room. 
 Here was my round robin journal entry for the month. I am not sure I really like it, but was glad to get it done and sent. I finally got in some stamp carving. This was a gift for my mom. We are starting a new chapter in out studio location lives. My mom had to close down the one closest to me and move it all back to our original studio back in the back of her house. It was a sad and kind of traumatic thing to do for all of us. So many good memories at the Art Clinic. We are trying not to loose too much momentum and get hyped up and excited at all the new things that we can do at our new location we are calling the ART Nest Studio. I love the idea of her, me and my daughter all re-creating our little nooks there. I hope to be posting of all the new fun there soon.

This photo of my daughter sums up Christmas for us pretty well. My sister got to be here for a good 3 weeks which was a huge gift to us all. I got almost 2 weeks off from work!! (never had that before) I go back tomorrow and I hope I remember how to do it ;)  I got to spend some awesome good times with my sister doing stuff around here that I have always wanted to do. Wish we could have fit in more, but hugely grateful for what I got. 
 This was our epic Art Day!!!! Just us 4 gals. So amazing!! Just the perfect day. I hope the memory will warm my spirits for weeks to come. It does not get much better than this.
 I did not get any photos of what we did next, I was too busy being in the moment. We went back home, with some of these leaves, and I got out all my fun spray paint stencils and paint and paper and we all went to town! Me and my sister had been working on getting new journals made and spraying some pages was one of the goals before construction. We finished the journals pretty fast after this. I will have to post some photos soon.
That weekend we took a fun trip to the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara. It was something we all have been wanting to check out, and who best to see it with than my sister, mom and daughter! I will post about that soon.