Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

I made one of these for my mom last year too. I am totally amazed I found time to make it, and that I like the way it came out. I need to find more of these purfume bottles. I love making these, althpough they are super hard. Takes a lot of patience to get everything layered right. It never goes the way I plan.

DJ's Cool Cool Class!!

Blogger is being a bit buggy....Here are some pics I took of the book I made in DJ Pettitt's "the layered view" class. I really liked the techniques and was super stoaked to come out of the class with a pretty complete book. I do plan to add a bunch more, especially to the insde.

All in all it was a great class!! It felt so good to be able to do some art again! It has been so hard to find the time to do anything lately.