Sunday, July 13, 2014

July Stuff

 At the very end of June, my awesome sister came to visit! We had to have a family journal session at Corner House Coffee. Always the best time! I love to see my sister's journal and my mom's. My daughter has her's as well, and we all love to watch her work and we all want her to work in our journals. It is just pure bliss.

The 4th of July parade in Solvang is always fun to me. There are always a bunch of these dancing horse beauties. I hope to do some paintings someday. I think I have like 30 photo from each parade. the horses are amazingly strong and beautiful.

I saw the movie Maleficent with my sister and really enjoyed it (I do not get out much). I was really inspired so I decided to make her likeness in the last round robin journal I had left to do. It was fun to make. I hope she likes it. 

Wonderful day at the zoo with my daughter. She gave me the tour. We photographed every animal we saw. I could spend all day at the zoo sketching.

I did manage to clean off my desk a bit at home and make a few new earrings for the Art Hus. The summer work schedule keeps me in bed and rarely do I feel the energy to stay up late for some me time, but I miss it so very much. I am not giving up, I still have my big to do list with all my art projects I should be doing. I stay inspired by all things around me.