Thursday, June 30, 2005

Brain still not functioning

I had a TOTAL blast at True Colors!!! Met some fun people and we all had similar art interests yet totally different art styles . Gave me a two day migraine (all pain controlled with meds) it was that good. Work is rubbing out some of the memories. I will try to recapture them on this three day weekend! I am so inspired. I plan to make a bunch of ATCs and go to mom's to show her the wax techniques I learned and start two more journals and finish my project and and and.... I better settle down.. bed time is next. I will go into more detail this weekend. I need to PLAY MORE!!! and so does everyone else. Looking to start some trades!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

sat class t.c.e.

I am at true colors

So much fun already! Except for the drive. Went to club art bar and got my shots of paint and canvas along with a project. That was fun. Already did some trading and hope to do more tommorow. I will write more later and send a pic or 2. I am writing this from my phone and my thumb is tired.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 6th with mom at Shell Beach for her first showing there. She took a break and I could not help mysel: I had to paint something too. Posted by Hello

Captain Ahab Jr. in mid-laugh Posted by Hello

Cachuma Lake

Donn And me went to Cachuma Sat. for his company picnic part of which included a free boat rental. We got so carried away in the boat we missed the BBQ. We were sooo sunburned and tired, we did not even bother to drive down to the site. We just left. The boat was so fun though! Donn was the captain, of course. I want to just relax and enjoy the ride. Donn is now Captain Ahab Jr. (or Reh-hab prenounced ray-hab) We laughed a lot! Got to see a lot of Western Grebes and their very cute babies. You could see them getting a ride on their parent's back. CUTE CUTE CUTE. Some of the males charged are boad and squaked loudly before they dove under us. Today I have been procrastinating from getting my AJPs done. I better get to it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

ATC for True Colors Posted by Hello
I finally made a necklace, just for me. I rarely do because I always just see the flaws. Most of the jewelry I wear that I have made is because I think no one is getting it, or the clasp is wierd. This time I designed it from scratch just for me. It is basically finished, I just have to finish the strap. I might wear it without untill I find more time.

The True Colors weekend getaway is in a couple of weeks and I have sooooo much to finish!! I am so excited to go though. I better remember to take Excedrine to avoid a migrane. The one I got from Art Unraveled lasted almost a week. I actually had to take time off work. I hate having to do that. I will post some photos when I figure that out.

Saturday, June 11, 2005