Saturday, November 09, 2013

October Came and Went

 Here I am at my solder station again and it was pretty darn cold. So little time to get everything done for the Queen of Arts Show at the Elverhoj. I did get most of my jewelry goals completed. I think I am getting better at planning for scarce work time and have more realistic goals.

This photo came in sideways, but this is a photo of all my supplies I use to make my paper mache birds. I made 7 of them this day. Way to go me! I did not get them all painted yet, like I had hoped. I hope to get to them soon and bring them to the Art Hus in Solvang, Ca.
These are their tails :)
Here are all the silver earring pieces ready for color and a tumble. I think I made enough to last a bit.
 Here are the earring pieces again, now joined by my rings, ready to throw in the tumbler. I ended up with around 10 rings this round.
 These flowers were very lovely at my sketch day with the Valley Sketchers on Saturday. I just love coming to the Summerset Farms to sketch the fall scenery. Really gets me in the mood for those pumpkin Lattes.

 Here is one of the sketches from that trip, I think it is my favorite.
 Here was a fun entry in one of the journal round robins I am doing. This came together fast, but I am sure I should have been working on stuff for the art show instead.
I did finally find time to work on these paper clay ornament tags. I do not think I had time to photo them after I high gloss sealed them. My daughter wanted to help.

 Here was my case at the Art Hus before I raided it for the Queen of Arts (it is all back now). The bracelets are new by the way.
My daughter dressed up like a "Scary Witch" for our 5 or 6 costumed events this month. I got pretty good at her face paint by Halloween. She did all the Jack-O-Lanterns at the house. She is so talented!!