Sunday, June 15, 2014

Struggling Still to Get Going


Always a good vacation when I actually find time to sketch. For the end of May we went on our annual trip to Disneyland, but it was our first time staying at the Disney resort. This really felt like a real vacation. I cannot remember the last time I felt I was really on vacation. This was a real nice time. Trader Sam's at the resort was so awesome. I could have hung out there all night with all the fun and relaxing island music. The sketches that I did on this trip make me very happy.

The park was perfect. So many inspiring colors and views. Cannot wait to go again! 

I made a special journal for my daughter to take and have the princesses sign. The girls from Frozen were impressed and my daughter was very proud. I hope she works in it until it is complete. This tree inside innovations was so cool! I am not sure I had ever made it to the Tiki Tiki Room before, that was a real treat and my daughter loved it too.  

 This is the inside of Trader Sam's. It is so small and cozy. I felt like I was at the old McNutt beach cabin.
My daughter and me did some face painting when we got home. I often wonder if me and her will be a mother daughter face painting team. It would only be fun if we did it together.

 Worked on some round robin journals. I think I have one more to do and then I am done YAY!!!!!Not real happy with these last ones, but I think they are okay.
 These need to get done! I am so close! Too tired to do it tonight so I am hoping to do them by the end of next week. Work at my "day job" is going to be off the scale all week, so I am not sure what I will have left in me to give...but I must get going already!!! Geese!!
 So very proud of my little girl!!! First graduation of many. This is her Kindergarten graduation. Today I went sketching with my dad. Always a good time! We sketched the Solvang trolley horses. It was something we have both always wanted to do. You should see his sketch, it was great! I did 4 or 5 rough and quick ones. I am not sure what happened to the "Sketch Group", but we will not stop going out once a month.