Friday, January 25, 2013

January! It is already 2013

 January is here and almost gone. I had a burst of project starts and then lost steam before completion. I have not lost the fight yet ;) Here are some stamps I am working on.

I am trying to make some stationary kits. I will use these stamps to make address labels and I hope to make some fun envelopes and paper to go with them. That project is on hold until I get some Valentine stuff finished.
These paper mache birds go \t some attention. I cannot wait to add their "plumage". My daughter beat me to it :) I love her work! These are also on hold until Valentine projects are done.

Note my daughter's intense concentration. I did not realize that all my Valentine work was photoed with my smart phone and I could not post them. They are on my FaceBook Art by Jill-o Page. I finished up some red enameled heart earrings for the Art Hus in Solvang and I am half way finished with some Valentine cards using my heart stamp I carved last year. I still have a pile of paper clay tag/ornaments that need some color and a gloss coat. So.... there you go. I have a few more projects lurking as well. I really want to get them all done so I can move on to newer stuff. I feel a bit buried in unfinished goods. Lets hope I can keep hammering away and get this stuff out there.

Friday, January 04, 2013