Monday, October 31, 2005

work work work

I finished my true colors II book! I cannot wait to get the next one!! Art show is still looming. My mom will be back from Mexico soon! I did about 10 minutes of jewelry, not bad for working a 10 hour day today at work and expecting another tommorow. Well I better get to bed and rest up for that. G'Nite!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Busy Gal

I am almost done with me "True Colors II" lime green and pink book. I will be sending it off tommorow (I hope). Work is still a bit crazy, especially with one assistant on vacation. Say a little prayer for me for the next two days of work, they will be rough. My mom is in Mexico and probably having a wonderful time (at least I hope). The art show is in two weeks, so it looks like I will have to cut down on my plans again. Only half of the stuff on my list is even close to being done. Maybe I should ask for next Thursday off to catch up? Last time I got Thursday off I got sick and was in bed the entire day. Man I was mad! A whole day gone. Lets see how much I can fit in after work. I might try and stay up late today to get some stuff done. Again, cross your fingers for me!