Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Card I Made for a Shower

This card was the inspiration for the onsies I made the the art show. I am on a birdnest kick. I thought I had posted these before, but I guess I forgot.

Queen of Arts Show

Baby has kept me happily preoccupied and away from the "doin art" scene, but I was able to make 9 onsies for the show and sell a few things left over from last year. I made a stamp of a nest and but a cut out of flanel for the egg. This image would not load right.I put a heart on the rear of them all, cause baby butts are just THE cutest!!
I think they went over well. To se a picture of what they look like on a super cute baby... go to my baby's blog: and look at the entry titled "Baby Model"