Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Last Little Bit

We had spent the day decorating the Art Hus windows with white tempera paint and just could not stop ourselves, so when we got home, we started on the sliding glass door. It was a bunch of fun! I love what my daughter contributed at both places.
It was a special year because it was our first big family tree. We always had to get a very small one to fit on top of our kitchen table and under a ceiling fan. It was pretty exciting. We had to get it before a big storm hit. It was a good thing we rushed to get it because all the trees blew over in the storm.

 Our favorite thing to do every year is to drive around and see the lights. It is just so magical! And the last stop is always the Rescue Ranch where they have Sooooooo many lights everywhere! Even Santa was there. I had fun making Christmas cards this year, but they took longer than I had hoped. I think the last 2 or 3 years I had them made and now I remember why. I did really enjoy making them all though. It feels good to make stuff that others might enjoy.

 It was another wonderful Christmas. Always so much fun decorating and wrapping and making gifts. And even better to relax and hang out with family. Always miss my sister when she is not with us, but she was having a once in a lifetime amazing good time on safari in Africa!!! Amazing!!

 Selfies while making my boyfriend's famous tamales...pretty silly. I am not good it selfies, but it was fun and the tamales were so very yum!

 Happy Holidays everyone!!! The New Year is coming! And a little bit more time off!!

At Last a Little Relaxing for the End of the Year

 Spent the rest of November celebrating all over with family. First stop was Ventura to meet up at a beach cabin with the McNutt family for our favorite Thanksgiving at the beach! It was a beautiful sunny and warm day. Even the ocean was warm.
 It was a negative tide and the tidepooling was awesome! We found so many creatures! Such a nice way to refill the soul.
The whole family got to explore. We all felt like kids.


The next day we left on a train trip to Seattle to see my sister. It was my daughter's first train ride. We got a sleeper car. It was quite an adventure. I highly recommend it! The views were fantastic and the private room was perfect. My daughter got sick on the way there and was not well again until we were on the return home.
 There had been heavy rain and Oregon was so green that I had to draw a picture.

 I made a new journal just for the trip and wanted to fill the whole thing on the trip. I got pretty close. I will finish it up with some printed photos and doodling. It felt really great every time I could pull it out. The leaves were beautiful!

I made a journal for my daughter as well. It was so awesome to watch her use it. I had planned many occasions that we would sketch in them, but her being sick cut that down a bit.
 Pike's Public Market was wonderful, as always. I wish I had my journal with me that day!

 We had to go to the Asian market to refill some of my pen collection. I love their stuff!!
 My sister took me out on the town for a very nice break. We went out to sushi!!! I loved all the special rolls and nigiri so very very much! My sister knows her stuff!!

Yummy specialty drinks at one of her favorite hangouts. It was really great to get out for some adult time. Then it was an amazing Thanksgiving feast overlooking the bay from my sister's amazing apartment in the sky after an inspiring run around downtown Seattle.
 My daughter started to feel much better as we got back on the train back home. We all journaled and relaxed. It was very nice.

 Here was my daughter and my Fall display on our table at home. It was nice to be back.
December started off with a lot of stress and preasure to get stuff done. I had so many projects I wanted to do and then there was way too much work at work and I felt a bit out of control. I guess that is the norm for the holidays.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November is Here!

 I had my booth at the Queen of Arts at the Elverhoj. I did better than years before, but that is not saying much ;). It is always nice to mingle with adults and get people's reactions to my work. It was a very pleasant 2 days.
I got a lot of my pieces done, but the rings I made still need stones set and I hope to get some new crow and small song bird necklaces cut soon. I put out some my old paintings from college at the show as well, and it was great to get feedback on them. It really makes me want to paint. Maybe next year will be the year I get out some canvases and paint! 

I made a new batch of paper clay tags that can also be ornaments so I thought I would show some of my process here.
To start off (not shown) I roll out the clay and stamp them with either my hand cut stamps or my favorite milagro heart stamps. I cut them out, add a hole and some decorations to the sides.
After they dry, I paint them white and give them an antiqued look with a black paint wash.

I use colored pencils to color them, mixing them with multiple layers of color. This is a fun step, but takes a while. 

They really come to life when I add the last coat of thick, super high gloss. A lot of people thought they were ceramic. I never thought about that until the show. I leave the back blank so it can be easily written on. That way you can use it as a tag on a gift. They are very light weight. Then they can be used as an ornament on the tree. 
 Here are some of my birds, almost finished. I really enjoy these. I base them loosely on real birds, which makes it extra fun for me (I love birds and took many Ornithology classes in college). And below is how they ended up. All of these birds are at the Art Hus now.

 This Oriole is one of my total favorites.

 Yesterday was a wonderful sketch day with my dad and daughter in Solvang. We sat in the sun in front of the Solvang Bakery and sketched the windmill and other buildings on the street.

It was a great way to start our weekend. I still have more work to finish and bring to the Art Hus and a super awesome trip to Seattle to see my sister coming up. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!