Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!!

What a nice December. It felt pretty long, which was good. I even got a few projects finished. I did not get to any gift making for family or friends like I like to do.

I made 5 photo albums for the Art Hus. The covers are all hand made with some beautiful fabric. I really like the way they came out. I should photo them better and get them onto my Etsy site.

They looks so fun all stacked together.

We got a nice, yet crooked tree and got it all decorated. Always nice to see it all lit up every night. I will take it down soon and will miss it's cheer. My daughter made some fun ornaments too.

I carved some stamps for my Christmas cards this year which was fun. I forgot to get photos of the finished card.

I got in a quick sketch of the tree. I used a new brush pen, and I really like it.

We decorated some more around the house which is always fun. My daughter helped me with the area around our fish. She also helped me with this year's back window art. She did a lot of the coloring and subject ideas.

We made some tamales, which are always so good. I made some pumpkin bread from the blue pumpkin from Thanksgiving. It was all so yum!

My daughter had her Christmas show at her school. I almost missed it, but was so happy I could make it in time to see her beautiful smile.

The Recovery Ranch is always a must for our little family light tour of our valley. Every year it gets better and better. It was a blast.

My sister came to visit after Christmas and we all got to go out and do our favorite thing: JOURNALING!! We really can't get enough.
It has been great for the whole family to get together. I hope we can fit in more of this this year.

Me and her got to go to Industrial Eats in Buellton. What a treat!!
My sister bought me a BB8 and I am so nuts for it. It is adorable. We all loved the movie.
So here it is the first day of the New Year. I have a few loose goals. I hope this is the year I can sort some life stuff out. That would include finding more time for art and me time. I see many posts about this being the best year. I am not quite there, but I am very hopeful to get things more figured out. I did just finish my newest journal. I will have to show you soon because my sister and I pulled out the spray paint today. Here is wishing good luck and fortune for us all in 2016!!