Monday, November 26, 2012


 November is here and almost gone. My awesome sister visited us from Seattle to celebrate an early Thanksgiving and her Birthday! Yes it is November and we are at the beach and yes my sister went for a dip and no we aren't crazy.

So.. epic yet short sister visit, flowers and fixins bought for Turkey day at my place, daughter helping with decorations, the feast, and consumption of the feast! I am a happy girl, and super duper thankful for the bounty that surrounds me. Wow! Not ready for the Christmas stuff yet, although I should have all this list of stuff made by now to put up for sale. Dang! I never did find time to photo my stuff for Etsy like I had hoped.

It felt decodent to get a quick sketch in, but I did stay up till 2 AM making some paper clay and paper mache stuff after that. I had 5 days off  which was super nice! I had thought that baby and me would get out and about more, instead we kept it local and that was nice too.

 These will be paper mache' birds at some point ;)  I have since formed their bodies and have left them at the Art Clinic to be mache-ed on Thursday. I cannot wait to have them at home and start designing their plumage. This time I will include a photo of the real bird I used as inspiration. There will be 8 or 9 of them arriving at the Art Hus in December, so go check it out!
I also have almost 2 dozen paper clay tag/ornaments in the works that will be there soon as well. I made more milagro hearts for those interested. Keep an eye here, I will be updating with progress photos as I go. I have a crazy busy weekend comming up, so I am not sure when My Etsy shop will get updated. I will post more info when I get there. I am excited to be doing some paper goods and take a small break from all the jewelry work.

Even made some time to make Percimmon cookies (a seasonal family favorite). I guess I should try and be easier on myself, I did get something done. Especially a ton of mother daughter fun. These stickers all came with individual messages from my pretty baby girl. It is so nice to be loved and to love! Hope everyone else in the world can feel so special!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

October is over and November has begun

Total chaos on the bench as my studio time ticks down. I feel pretty good about the variety that I made, but wish I had got the rings done. Actually finished 5 necklaces that day and had some me time at a coffee shop to finish 8 pairs of earrings. Next I had only 2 nights at home to finish the rest. I did pretty good I think.
 Here are some of those first necklaces I finished, and a bracelet.

Halloween came before our show and we had a great time! My daughter can be a real wild one :)  She drew the faces for all the pumpkins and Grandpa carved them all. They were so cool!! Some of the best Jack'O Lanterns I have ever seen. Her favorite part was handing out candy.

The Queen of Arts has come and gone. I am glad the deadlines are over. I think I have enough silver work and jewelry in stock now, that I can focus on the paper goods again. I have a big list :)  I did not get to mingle at the show much, but my baby wanted to be there both days and stay the whole time, so I got some very sweet me and her time. So stay tuned for a bunch of paper clay and paper mache work. Fall is here and the skies are gorgeous!