Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still not a lot of free Time

 Had some great times with my daughter this month, had 5 days off with just me and her! She is just the best! I did find some time at the Art Clinic to work on my newest daily journal. I got the 3 signatures totally sewn and assembled, but the cover is not finished. I would have sewn it, but I wanted to embroider it this time. I have all the fabric ready and cut. I think I like it.

I have been carrying the loos signatures in my purse to work on so I can start on it while I wait for a chance to embroider. Orange and turquoise were the main theme... but I  am sure I strayed. I never know if there is a good blank page to art page ratio until I start to really work in them. I hope this one works well.

Went to Avila Barn on Saturday and went on the hay ride for our first time ( we have been there many times, but never went). We rode accross the farm to pick Ololliberries and it was a lot of fun! Our hands were stained purple by the time we gathered a basket full. My daughter helped me make a smoothie with them the next morning.
These are our matching braids :)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

June is Gone in a Flash!

 Happy 4th of July everyone!! June was full of lots of work, lots of family and very little art.
 I did find inspiration all around me. The beautiful horses in the parade, the animals at the zoo and all the colorful butterflies at the SB Natural Hist Museum. I saw so many familiar faces at the parade.

The Solvang Bakery had a totally awesome float! I got to see their new location and it is so pretty. I find myself wanting to go back again and again. Sure wish cake was not so crazy high in calories. The multi colored cakes are so pretty! I almost drool just thinking about them. The lioness Ginger jumped up on this rock like it was nothing. I had no idea they could get up there.

I chased this butterfly around and never got a clear photo. I felt a bit silly chasing it with my camera all poised. My daughter got some great photos. The American Kestral is one of my favorite birds. There were 2 of them with a Perigran Falcon on display as went to the butterfly exhibit. I want to sketch so bad! I have just not found the opportunity lately. The journal I carry with me always is all full and my next journal is about 1/3rd done. My sewing machine just stopped working after completing half of one signature out of 3 signatures. Pretty frustrating. I am sure it just needs a tune's never had one and I've had it since 1997. My next project I am focusing on is some paper mache birds. I am really looking foreward to getting into some art projects. It feels like it has been forever! I sold a necklace at the Art Hus which makes me pretty happy. I also sold a few of my paper packs from my Etsy shop. I sure hope she likes them as much as I do.
My Mom and her friends are all in France for 2 weeks and sounds like they are having a wonderful time! One of those once in a lifetime things I think. So fun! Maybe someday I will do something like that. I am pretty sure my daughter will go with my Sister to Paris, when she is old enough. I cannot wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories! I get to visit my Sister in Seattle next month and I am getting pretty amped!!