Thursday, May 19, 2016

I found some time to get into the jewelry studio back in February and March. I did not get anything completed but got many things close. I just need to buy like 10 to 15 ft of silver chain. I really enjoy working in the studio. I miss it all the time. I had hoped to make more time to get in there (which I did for a bit) but I have fallen behind. I am not giving up though. I did finally finish a big batch of earrings that are now in the Art Hus in Solvang CA.
 Here is my soldering area ready to get some pendants put together. Below is my sorting system. I was trying to prioritize my work. I have some silver trailer pendants that are almost ready to take to Imagine Gallery in Montecito  CA. They are an exclusive that I only make for them. They are very complex to make but are so fun. I am always told that they bring back many happy camping memories.

 Here is me getting some red enamel heart earrings ready for their enamel coat. There are a few left at the Art Hus, but I will be adding more soon.
 Here I am cutting out some song bird and crow silhouettes for pendants. I will need another day in the studio to get all the pieces soldered together before they are ready to put on a chain. I really like these designs and had hoped to have these done for spring, but they will have to wait until I have the time.

I love the look of this red enamel with silver. These heart necklaces are so very close to being complete. I just need that chain to come in and to set the hearts. This is a photo of me melting the enamel to the copper hearts. It is one of my favorite steps. I really miss the bracelet I had with this heart on it. I sold it off my wrist a few years back. I want to make more of those...they are on my list.

 Valentines day came and went. I made some fun valentines. All the photos I have were on my phone. I did post them to my Facebook page, but I have not loaded them to my computer so I could post here. I also made a bunch of special ones for my pen pals, but I have not sent them yet! I have had a real hard few months. Below is a quick self portrait. I used my reflection from my computer monitor. I was playing with the bright pink paint that I thought was gouache then I thought was acrylic paint, but it was actually Gouache. LOL

On a bit of a personal note: I had to end my 9 year relationship with my baby's daddy. It was the right thing to do, but a really hard and painful decision. I have not had the time or energy to keep up on my art, which is painful as well. I am an artist to the core and not doing art is like not eating. I realize that I relate to my world and environment through making art and without it I am lost. I am trying to heal and make more time for myself and my art. I am trying to move forward with my life. I did not realize how hurt and tortured I was until it all stopped and now the healing is slower than I had hoped. Bear with me as I try to rise up again and find the me that I had not realized I lost.

Draft Horse Mural

 This was my big exciting project! A custom mural for a local Air B and B. She wanted draft horses pulling an old plow from left to right in my signature style. I love when I get to paint for someone who gets my style. This was a big challenge for me due to the tackle on the horses, the photo reference was not how I wanted it so I had to alter it a bit, and there was a person in the composition. It did feel so good to be painting again. It seems I can only fit in one painting a year and the last 2 were commissioned. Here is the progression of this piece from big blank sign board to ready to hang.

 I worked on this piece in my parent's garage due to it being 4ftx7ft. It worked out real well except for the sun creeping in and making it hard to see and photograph. I had a lot of pleasure pushing the paint around on this one and it sounds like the new owner loves it too. I am making this a qick post. I meant to write this entry 2 months ago, but life has been crazy hectic and the WIFI where I am blogging today is a bit slow.

Final photo before hanging this piece up. I will post a photo Holly sent me of it hung next.