Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seattle Ho!!!!!!!!

Totally fun trip to Seattle to hang out with my awesome sister and no one else! We really had a blast! These photos are but a sampling of the shenanigins we were pulling. A few highlights: conveyer sushi, coffee with a fancy touch, my sister!, drinks, inspiration, my sister!! and journaling.

The way they do coffee in Seattle makes me feel very special. I did many sketches of just cups of coffee. My sister is the best guide and she led me everywhere I wanted to go. I really love to visit Seattle. I found everything very inspiring. So many things to draw and photo and never enough time.

Loved this spice store. So colorful and smelled so good. LE pointed out one of her favorite salts that smelled like the best BBQ and then we had some at Zig Zag in their bruchetta. It was so yum!. It is so special to spend time with someone that you love, and that you can fully be yourself around.It was just what I needed!

I really like my sister's journals. She was a big part of my inspiration recharge. We found the perfect spot to sketch the Space Needle together. I think her's was the more successful sketch.
I will post my sketches soon and a few more photos. It is late and I need sleep. I will also post just about all my photos to Flickr. I have 2 months before the Queen of Arts show and will hope to be posting some pieces I have planned to make. I also will be going to the Bead Show on Saturday. I will be looking for more labradorite to make a couple pendants. I have had a lot of requests. Spell check is not working so I hope there are not too many typos :) Hope to see you all here soon!

Quick Review of First Part of Aug

Had our Valley Sketchers sketch day in Solvang for July. Not too hot and I am pretty happy with my sketch. Lots of fun adventures with my daughter. I love this touristy shot at the wharf. It was a long day, jam packed with good times.

I was not happy with this sketch, but it was the main reason I chose the spot. I could not get a good view. It has been a very busy summer with more than normal lack of time for art. I am hanging in there as best I can. Soon after these photos I went to Seattle to see my sister. Check out my next post for some highlights.