Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh Man!

Only one more month before the show and I do not have enough started. I got some stuff started today and looked at what I had half done from before. This show will be a touch skimpy as far as my work is concerned. I was hoping to get some journals made, but I think I should get the jewelry done first.

This was the green and copper True Colors 2 journal I had a while back. A bad self portrait and my cat Willy. I have not seen the next journal in over a month. I do not even know what color it will be. I did get my second 1001 Journals journal and just sent that out today after having it for a week. Nothing worth posting just looks like my regular journal with lots of writting and doodles. I have to finish some ATCs this weekend for our trade. I will be doing white ink on black cards of skulls for a Halloween theme.

These are two of three necklaces that Immagine Gallery bought. I have two more in the works and two that are little song birds. The song birds will go into the show. I better go so I can get some game playing in.