Saturday, October 04, 2014

August and September Spent and Gone

 I have been busy, very busy, but not with as much art as I would like. We moved! I am loving the new place! We have only been here 3 or so weeks and I am not quite all unpacked. So much of August and September was spent organizing, throwing out and packing up all our stuff.

I have a back deck now, which is wonderful! I have been without a scrap of outside space for 6+ years. I have lots of plans for doing artwork out there. The weather has been outrageously hot for weeks and weeks with no relief in site. That has really slowed me down. 
 I now have Ballard Canyon Farms delivering fresh flowers and veggie goodies to me every Friday, which has been very inspirational.
My daughter has been out and about getting fresh face paint, starting 1st Grade and we just got back from Faeriefest. I had very high hopes of making her and me fairy costumes from scratch. I got hers done, but was sewing mine up to the last minute and mine was barely half done. We had so much fun, aside from the record heat. Sewing felt very good. I really hope to start producing again soon.

 I have started refreshing my lists of stuff to make. Queen of Arts is coming up and I hope to stock up my spot at the Art Hus. There is silver to order, stones to find, birds to paint and rubber stamps to carve. I am finding out that I am switching to an early morning worker instead of a night owl. Not sure how to make it all work yet, but I better figure this out ASAP. I hope not to let my blog go this long without an update as well. Time to get going.