Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maddie and my new journal

LE 's class was so great. I even have a journal to show for it. Maddie did great in class too. I will have to post what I do in it. I got a bunch done on the remains of the day journal too.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fw: Good morn

Just dropped off maddie and I'm grabbing some me time before I go home and pack up for an amazing day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I can get so much done....not :)

Trying to work on the journal my little "helper" with me. Although she is super cute and very cuddly in my lap, it is very hard to sew with 1 1/2 hands.
After an entire day, I did manage to sew my short pages to size and make some clear pages. Next I hope to work on embelishing the pages. I am excited because, although I am super sick with a dumb cold, I am going to try and sew some more tomorrow while Maddie is in school. I hope to get a long, healing nap after getting her to school, get the stuff around my bed cleared away for the new bed comming on Fri, and sew a little in my journal.....could happen.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Covers Almost Done

I think this is upsidedown hehe. This is the normal size journal I am doing for "the Remains of the Day". I sewed the cover and the tie on, but I still have some details I would like to add.
This is the smaller one. I have aspirations of making this my daily journal. I have decided to use nothing but handmade journals I made this year for the one I carry daily and that they will all be short so I will finish many over this year of 2010! My next journal will be made using as many stickers as I can. I have a big overstock of stickers...I love stickers! It is a big weakness of mine. I hope to make the journal in the same fashion as the remains journals. I am a bit ahead of myself though (LOL) I have not sewn any pages for these two yet. I have a bunch of stuff ready for steps 1 and 2 .... I hope to get to those before I get anymore done with the covers. Just waiting for good op to do the first part of the sewing of the pages.

Here is the SB dog mascot dressed pretty ellaborate this year for the holidays. Hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays this year!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL!!!!!