Saturday, February 16, 2008

Working ATCs for March

I only made 4 of these and only one is done. I made Valentine ATCs for our last trade, but I did not get pictures. I had all these great ideas for those, but ran out of time and the technique I wanted to do did not work right. Now I need to come up with some more ideas for more cards for next trade. 4 will not be enough hehe. Last trade there was like 20 people and I only had 12 cards. I need to make 20 for each time I need to decide what the other 16 are going to be. This one is a little complex, but maybe I will make at least a few more.

The is a party at the Art Clinic on leap day...February 29th. I think there will be an ATC thing there too. I should make some Year of the Rat ATCs to trade. We'll see how lazy I am this weekend...I got a lot of ideas of stuff I want to finish this 3-day weekend, but odds are that I need some rest and to do tax work and clean and those things will consume the weekend. I will prob be lucky to make a journal entry lol.

I did get, AND FINISH, a special order for a crow necklace for Imagine Gallery for Valentine's Day. That seemed huge to me. I got a few jewelry pieces in the works, but they are kinda low priority. HAPPY 3-DAY WEEKEND!! for all that get one!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008