Monday, July 11, 2005

WOW....Still Not Recovered

All last week I was sick or overwhelmed with work. I had hopped to recover over the weekend, but I am now suffering from a cold. At least Donn and I managed to make it to the beach on Sun. Boy that was a nice day! I am not too sunburned either. We need to do that more often. I had a blast on the 4th of July. Donn and me went to a friend's party in Santa Barbara and played tippy cup. Loads of fun! Then, at about 7:45 PM we all headed out for the peir to watch the fireworks. They were fantastic! Right over our heads. We headed back but got side tracked and ended up reaching home at 2 AM or so. Big mistake with a crazy day at work for the 5th. I was sooo tired, I had to take an hour nap in my car before I could drive home. Then on Thur. I had some bad salsa and felt sick most of Fri. Sat. I went to my Mom's for an art day with Carol K, but I was not myself and a bit under the weather. I guess I am not as young as I think. I should go to bed right now, but it is way too hot to sleep. Maybe my cold will be better tommorow and I can finally get to some art. Cross your fingers for me.