Sunday, December 31, 2006

I Got a New Laptop!!

LE and Jonathan always call theirs their "lappies" so I found myself calling mine that as first. Then I started carrying it around and stuff, now I call it Lapzilla. It is a 17in screen and weighs almost 9lbs. I have taken it to work a couple times and played a bit of WOW. Very dangerous.
Christmas was fun. LE and Jon came up and Donn came down. Donn was here for 10 days! It was nice, but there is just no room in my room or bed for 2. More exciting than my laptop is the gift Donn got me. He bought me a beautiful diamond ring that fits perfectly against my engagement ring. When I get it back from sizing I will post a picture. The sweetest thing is that he said "this is the ring I would have gotten you when we got married if I had had the money" Awhhh. That was so great! We all went to the movies which was fun. Donn and I went to the Spyglass Inn the Friday before Christmas which was very relaxing. The sun was just setting in the ocean when we arrived ...very pretty. The next day we went to the Pelican Bar and Grill for lunch. The pelicans flew so close you could make out all their markings. That was very cool and the food was delicious!! All in all it was a great holiday!
Today is the last day of 2006. I have no plans except to maybe play some WOW all night and hope to see Donn there for some virtual celebration. LE and Jon got us headphone things so we can talk over the internet as we play. I cannot wait to try it out. I downloaded all the stuff today and I am just waiting for Donn to do the same.
I am hoping to blog more now that I have Lapzilla. I guess I should start thinking of new years resolutions, but I want to nap first'

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thanks to LE!!

Here is my new mount!! An early Christmas gift from my Sister! He is so cute!! And more running everywhere on foot for me! Ha Ha I got to level 40 just in time! Donn will be here Wed night. It should be nice to have a man again :) I better get to is late and I have to work early.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am a Zombie

The christmas show is over and I am drained. I went to Shasta for over a week for Thanksgiving and just took it easy. I had all these little projects I wanted to do, but got to none of it. Now with all the Christmas errands, I come home drained of all enthusiasm to get anything done. I am still enjoyng WOW as a way to escape. Meetoo is only 3 levels away from getting a mount. I will get a big cat to ride that looks like Willy! I am hoppng to get there by January, but I am sure I will not make it. Donn will be comming here for the end of Dec.! He will probably keep me from playing that whole time due to him wanting to play his own charactor. His 2 main toons are named after beer...HA HA HA. I guess it is better than the toon I made named Troiee. His are Spaten and Peroni. I have been craving drawing and I have the True Color II Journal due, but I am so drained that nothing comes out right. I think I need a little more of a break. Speaking of which...I am exhausted.

Friday, December 01, 2006