Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Road Trip

 My Mom, my daughter and me all drove to Ashland Oregon to meet up with my sister to celebrate Christmas early (early=the true McCutcheon way). It was quite the snowy adventure on the way up. I think it took us 3 hours to go 15 miles at one point, but we made it and were very happy! Only wish we had a few more days to hang out.

Here was our happy snowman mascot on the dashboard. We were sure we would be running around in the snow in Ashland, but it was only a bit rainy. The sun even came out for a bit.

Oh my!! It was so great to be with my sister! My daughter thinks the world of her too. Her shirt says "Auntie Auntie Auntie" and I think that sums things up well. It was pure bliss to be there and we all cannot wait to do it again.

Even got some fancy coffees! So good! LE and Madison were the fashion trend setters. If only we could all be so put together. And that Living Papaya store was so awesome and inspirational. The Store called Prize was chock full of wonderful things. I got urges to copy it all!

Hard to believe I used to live here. I do not think there was ever this much snow in my short stay in Mount Shasta. We had to make a stop here to make the snowman we had talked up for days before the trip. I love the joyful expression my daughter wore the whole time as she experienced real snow for her first time.

Nice to be home and finally (on Christmas eve) I have the Holiday houses lit and set up. We even fit in making some chocolate chip cookies for Santa and found some carrots for the reindeer. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Christmas is coming and it is officially time to give up on making anything more for gift sales. I have so many partially started and some great ideas that I just could not produce. I did get some presents made for friends and family, and that felt good. It was such a pleasure to find time to make some zipper bags for all the girls at work. I had never done any zipper work before. I am glad they all turned out.

I even made a stamp for a good friend living in Denmark. She works as a developer for LEGO. I hope she likes it. I love carving stamps.
 Just too much going on in October, November and December this year. All good stuff, but hard to fit it all in. My little princess (here in her first Christmas parade) gets the lion's share of my time, and that does make me very happy, I just wish I can fit in more. I gotta sleep sometime I guess.
Tomorrow I have some fun at the Art Clinic, then its off to Ashland Oregon for family and snow!! Just the girls! My mom, daughter and me are meeting with my sister to party! I have brought some art projects and hope to come back with a few new things. Here is to getting more done for next year!! I have lots of plans and ideas and I am hoping to start early this time (I say that every year I think)