Saturday, June 15, 2013

I guess I really Should Say I....

 That I am on vacation half of March and May as far as art production is concerned. It is my baby's Birthday and our annual trip to Disneyland. I finally got a few birds made (4 to go) and new earrings for the Art Hus.

Mother's Day Tea at my daughter's pre-school was so sweet (this is a picture she made of me). Now that it is summer, her art has really taken off. I am so proud, yet try to not pressure her. I love everything she does. She is so inspiring the way she decides to approach stuff. I hope she never gets too discouraged and someday we will go on sketch trips together. She also had her first real performance with Los Olivos Dance Studio. It was so darn cute, I teared up. And the trip to Disney was so great! Her Dad really treats her with a Bibiddy Bobbity Boutique makeover. She was Merida this year. Here she is driving the autotopia car for her first time. She looks likes she is 17. The crazy princess hair helps with the aerodynamics.

And finally...some work ;)  I r-arranged my case a bit and added some new stuff, so go take a look! I have been doing a lot of fun work in my Mermaid class journal and I am trying to figure out how to make a video of the book. I am fine with the filming, I just no nothing about editing. If it works, I will film some of my other fun journals. I am still trying to find time to make my newest one. I am told my rings are selling out, so I need to find time to work on those. Wish me luck....I am hoping to ramp up production again soon.