Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Finding a Little Creative Time

 Some nice, sunny, me time in February. How very nice, but I did not get the 3 days in the studio I was so looking forward to. I had too many errands and my day job was relentless. I did try to savor the little time I did find. My daughter and me did get in some fun.
 We got out back to re-paint the back window with a Valentine theme. I love her ideas and additions!

Hope you all got in some loves! I usually make Valentines for everyone at my work, but ran out of time and with it being on a Saturday I would have had to pass them out on Wednesday. Too much. My daughter made lovely ones for her classmates and I got some out in the mail. I love making Valentines!  
 Here is how mine came out. Good thing I ran out of time, cause I ran out of materials.

Beautiful time of day to be out and about with my little family in Santa Barbara. The views were gorgeous! Then back home to decorate the table for our Valentine feast. We used the cards my daughter got at school. It is so adorable to see them all together!

 I  even made a cheesecake for my boyfriend. I bought some ingredients for tasty drinks too. It was such a fun day.

This was very yummy! I am sure my sister could have blown me away with her concoctions. I never know why I do not treat myself  more often. My boyfriend whipped up an A-MAZING meal to go with it! I devoured it! So good! 
 OK...Back to some artwork...I finally got around to sanding down the bezels on these rings so I could set the stones (only took me 4 months...ugh). Got them all set and then rushed them over to the Art Hus fwew!

I really do love making these! I am out of stones and silver to make more. Time to put in an order, but when will I get in that darn studio??!! I have necklaces to get made too! One of these days!
Spring has pretty much sprung already around the valley. Everywhere I look I see a painting, a sketch, a photo op, or just plain eye candy and inspiration. It is so great!

 I will leave you with this red canvas. The Ballard School Jamboree is happening this year AND I got picked to do a portrait of the Little Red School House! So honored! So excited! A little stress. Be checking in for the progress! It is March tho and a lot of my creative time is going into my daughter's birthday, as it does every March. I've got a crown to make! (and a life sized bear). Stay tuned!