Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art Show Coming in June

EtsySB is having a kids boutique hosted at Peanuts Maternity and Kids. Here is a blurry photo of a necklace I made and wear all the time. I will be making custom personalized charms and necklace ensembles at the show so you can get a personalized piece as you wait! I am excited about making that happen. I hope others are too!

I will have blank disks ready for a name, date, initials or anything else my stamps can make you. You can pick your chain and accompanying charms for a perfect one of a kind piece! And I have some onsies and wipe cloths that are perfect for quick clean ups and are washable so green.

Got the candles lit and I am enjoying the dancing white dots on the wall behind them.

Thank you all at work for the very yummy and pretty cake!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend is Here

Birthday is still coming. Not sure if this expiration date is symbolic if anything lol!

Trying on a crown hehe. Baby thinks I should have one.

That's my new haircut, just got it today.

If only you could smell these fabulous sweet peas! Mmmm

Trying to use my new space and get this journal filled so I can move on to a new one with more room to draw.

Awesome candelabra things my talented sister made. Love them and their mandibles!!
This is an odd blog post. I am too tired to be as creative as I want to be tonight. So many ideas and projects I want to do/start/finish/write down, but barely enough energy to hold this I-Touch in my hand. Maybe I will be more on task next week. So much to sort through still. That is probably what makes it hard to work. I do not create as well with things like that hanging over me. It should be a fun weekend, lots of cute errands that baby should really enjoy. And here's hoping there is some art mixed in somewhere.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Best Strawberries in Town

It tastes like it looks! Super, super sweet.

My Birthday is commin' (that is what my baby has been saying lately) and I hope to be finding some art time. Personal art time that is. With all this sorting and cleaning, I have found many art projects with my daughter as the theme, unfinished. I really want to sort through it all and get them so organized that all I have to do is open them up and work. No hope in finishing them in a day, but with my new work space at home, it would be a relaxing project after a long day of working and mothering. Hehe. I need to finish the last paper mâché heart fir Mary and see where I am with journal pages. I got a quilt to start piecing too. Heh heh. I am eager to start a few jewelry designs. I found some great stones that I had forgotten about. And, lastly (though not leastly hehe) I need to work on organizing my desk still. Wish me luck! That is a lot of projects all up the air.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mural Screen Work

Here is where I started:

Got out the oodles of paints I might need. Only used 1/3rd but emptied out almost 3 whole tubes lol.

Here is how the pallet started:

1/2 way through:

Done for the night:

Here is the screen mural:

Here it is right before I closed up the studio and walked home.

Here are my new brushes I bought in little Italy at a Dick Blick store:

Oh yeah! I love these new brushes for the big stuff!! They are soft and smooth. They hold the perfect amount of paint without creating a inaccessible pocket of paint forming in the middle. Awesome! It felt very good to finally get to the studio and do what I have been trying to do for weeks. I am always wondering what medium is the most accessible when you are a mom. I want to think it is whichever one you can do at home after baby is in bed, but I wind up being so tired at that point. Zoo trip tomorrow will be cute and fun and probably the end of me..... So tired.

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rain Off and On

I am outside at Big Bopper burger joint enjoying the weather as best I can.

I did not make it to the studio :( I did not get my computer hooked up, i did clean out the old play pen at Madison's request (that took way way longer than I thought but feels so so good)

and I am working on some me time right now. Sitting here in the rain feels very nostalgic. I am brought back to when I was 8 and I'd spend long periods of time outside just enjoying everything around me with a quiet stillness. I don't experience that much lately and it feels real good. Maybe I can talk a certain person to help make some studio time for me this weekend to make up for loosing my Thur.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

All moved around

Worked a solid 5 hours on the apartment and I ache all over. Got everything moved, now I have to sort, organize and clean some more.

It fits pretty nice, but does not look pretty at all lol. Yet. The dinner table looks nice with the flowers from farmers market.

It will get there. I want to take my time so I can get rid of as much crap as possible. I think I will stop and move to something else when I get tired so I don't just throw it all back. I do that too much. I still hope to work on mural tomorrow, but I am making a point to lolly-gag as much as possible and make my time while baby is at daycare more of a mental health day for me. Wish me luck on that one lol.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

OK...I saw this on a site and had to share.  Sounds soooo yumm yumm, I think I will try and make the effort.  Any volunteers want to join me?

One of my favorite restaurants in Hawaii was Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. Although there are Roy’s restaurants all over the world, their fresh pineapple infused martini will always embody Hawaii in my mind. Roy’s signature drink can be seen infusing in huge glass jars all around their outdoor bar and a fresh batch is made every couple of days in the summer. A mixture of vanilla vodka and coconut rum infused with fresh pineapple slices, and served with a slice of marinated pineapple, this drink is smooth and creamy with a thick layer of sweet foam on top. Start a batch of these today and enjoy them with friends next weekend for an end of summer luau!

Hawaiian Martinis

makes 2500 ml, prep 10 minutes, allow to infuse about 1 week

•1500 ml (2 750 ml bottles) vodka

•500 ml vanilla vodka

•500 ml coconut rum (like Malibu)

•2 fresh pineapples, cut into 1 inch wedges

1.In a large (6 quart) container with a spigot-such as a lemonade, ice tea, or a punch dispenser-layer pineapple.

2.Pour alcohol over pineapple making sure to completely cover the pineapple.

3.Allow to infuse at least a week, will stay good much longer as long as the pineapple slices remain submerged.

4.To serve (makes 2 drinks), measure out 4-6 oz liquid. Add along with ice to a martini shaker and shake vigorously.

5.Strain into two martini glasses, garnish with a wedge of marinated pineapple.

This recipe is different from other recipes on the web but is straight from the bartenders at the original Roy’s in Hawaii. Their mix is huge though: 2 bottles of vanilla vodka, 2 bottles of coconut rum, and 6 bottles of regular vodka. Feel free to do the math if you want to make an even smaller batch.

Or.....somone want to make this for me??