Monday, December 02, 2013

It was a warm November

 Our McNutt family early Thanksgiving at Faria Beach was EPIC! Just look how gorgeous the day and sunset were. It was so nice to see the family!! My daughter had such a good time. I think I went through 3 or 4 outfits :).
 Perfect way to recharge for the rest of the year. The beauty that day was unreal! These photos don't even do it justice. Wish we had a whole 3 days there just like this.
 All my jewelry made it back to the Art Hus after the Queen of Arts Show. The whole shop has been reorganized and it looks so fresh and new. There are many new members and the crafts just keep pouring in!

 There is a new batch of my paper clay tag/ornaments. I get a lot of positive feed back from these. I need to get them posted on my Etsy site again. My Mom's spot is looking good too!

 Here are 3 of my newest round robin journal exchange pages. I had a lot of fun with the Teesha style one and my daughter wants to have the Monarch girl one. It is nice to play with all my pens and supplies.

I just finished up this journal. I had made it primarily out of paper bags. It was fun to work in, but I want to have some better paper in the next one so I can sketch easier. I have had no time to make one so I am currently using a journal I made in a Teesha Moore class back in April. I am loving it, but there is no place to sketch in it. Go to my flickr to see most of the pages in my journal set.
Here was us girls at the Queen of Arts show. What a fun time we all had!! Now I have a bunch of projects I need to get to. So many sketches, notes, to do lists and ideas, but nothing finished yet. I need to get on it!! I hope my next post will be filled with accomplishments.