Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Card I Made for a Shower

This card was the inspiration for the onsies I made the the art show. I am on a birdnest kick. I thought I had posted these before, but I guess I forgot.

Queen of Arts Show

Baby has kept me happily preoccupied and away from the "doin art" scene, but I was able to make 9 onsies for the show and sell a few things left over from last year. I made a stamp of a nest and but a cut out of flanel for the egg. This image would not load right.I put a heart on the rear of them all, cause baby butts are just THE cutest!!
I think they went over well. To se a picture of what they look like on a super cute baby... go to my baby's blog: and look at the entry titled "Baby Model"


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Working ATCs for March

I only made 4 of these and only one is done. I made Valentine ATCs for our last trade, but I did not get pictures. I had all these great ideas for those, but ran out of time and the technique I wanted to do did not work right. Now I need to come up with some more ideas for more cards for next trade. 4 will not be enough hehe. Last trade there was like 20 people and I only had 12 cards. I need to make 20 for each time I need to decide what the other 16 are going to be. This one is a little complex, but maybe I will make at least a few more.

The is a party at the Art Clinic on leap day...February 29th. I think there will be an ATC thing there too. I should make some Year of the Rat ATCs to trade. We'll see how lazy I am this weekend...I got a lot of ideas of stuff I want to finish this 3-day weekend, but odds are that I need some rest and to do tax work and clean and those things will consume the weekend. I will prob be lucky to make a journal entry lol.

I did get, AND FINISH, a special order for a crow necklace for Imagine Gallery for Valentine's Day. That seemed huge to me. I got a few jewelry pieces in the works, but they are kinda low priority. HAPPY 3-DAY WEEKEND!! for all that get one!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finished ATCs

New ATCs for January trade. I actually made time to do some real work on them. Made 12 of them and traded 10. Saving a couple out for a special journal. These are to celebrate a new baby girl due in April. I got a cool idea for next month's trade...lets hope I find the time.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

ATCs in Progress

Working on the ATCs for the January trade. Feels good to get some paint on my hands.

Here is the finished True Colors II Journal for Blue and Ochre. This might be the last one in the trade...not sure though.

Here are some thank You cards I made for some really sweet and thoughtful gifts that were given to me. Thank You!!!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My New Year "Party"? guessed it....I was playing WOW again for New years. This is my nifty drink I made to try and make my night special. I had a horrible cold this time. The drink is tropical sherbert, pinapple, and gingerale with some whipped cream on top....super yummy! No skinny dipping this year hehe. I sure wonder what next year will bring.

Working at My Desk

Working on some thank yous. Feels good to be working...It will feel even better to get them done.

I am working on ATCs for next week too. I will post those later. I am almost half done with them. It has been a while since I have found some actual time to put real work into them...lets hope it shows. I already have my idea for next month too. I also hope to post my latest True Color II Journal. It is Blue and Ochre, just like the theme colors I had for the ARTBAR True Colors event. I have hopes to work on jewelry next weekend....maybe. Cross your fingers for me.

Journal is Finished

My old red journal is now finished. I started it 8/11/06 and the last entry was 12/24/2007.

Here is the cover, some of the last entries, and the inside cover. The next journal I started when I was at LE and Jon's house in Seattle. I have already finished like 5 or 6 pages in it. The new journal is shorter, so I bet it will bwe done before the end of the year, at least I hope so.