Sunday, May 02, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Joe took me to the super special, super ritzy Root 246 in Solvang for my Birthday. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Here we are having the yummy bread (blue corn bread was my fave). Even the water was special!
We got an appetizer that was 1/2 lobster tail and rock shrimp raviolis...Wow! The waiter poured some sort of broth over it after he set it down. It was the juices it had cookked in. The sause was so good you were tempted to drink it.
I got the chicken dish. Those are fuji apples on top and mashed potaoes undernieth. It was sooooooo good OMG!! I want it again and again!

I ate ever inch...minus the raisins and sprouts. I had to restrain myself from licking the plate.

The deserts we had were amazing too. Simple, yet way not simple. Pictures here is one of the samplers of their in house ice cream. It was peanutbutter and sea salt. There was chocolate in it too. I'd pay $25 for a half pint I tell you what!!
We then went back into the kitchen and met the chef. He signed my menu! It was such a perfect little birthday getaway!!