Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting Back to Some Work

 Special order for some birds. I just need to add some finishing touches and a glaze and they are good to go.
 Looks like I need to get to the Art Clinic and make some more birds, I only have one more left for the Art Hus. Next I will be making some funky photo albums. I got the repurposed Ritz boxes all ready to cut so stay tuned for progress photos.
 I have been playing around lately in that Mermaid Circus internet class put on by Teesha and Jane. It has been very fun and inspiring. There is a round robin group that has spun off and this is one of the journals in process that I will be trading around. I cannot wait to see what comes in the mail. It has kept my small amount of free time a bit too occupied lately. It has been a lot of fun and refreshing, but I need to get some stuff made for the Art Hus that has been waiting. I have a couple weeks of time coming up in September that I will be devoting to jewelry production. More bracelets , rings and red hearts.