Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas is Over

I just got back from 3 days at the in-laws. Had a good Christmas. It was great to see everyone. It has been a while since I had made it up there (I do not get a lot of time off). Donn is still up there. He went to hang out at our house. I sure wish I could be there with him. I am hoping to make it up there on my one vacation for next year. Now that the holidays are done, I only have a few projects to finish. My computer is about shot though, so I need to call and see if I can breath some more life into it. Donn is getting a new one, but I am sure he will limit my time on it so I want to keep this one going. I received a new Nano I-Pod as a bonus and want to get that up and running. It is killing me to have to wait, but my computer, as is, cannot generate enough memory to open i-tunes. I am hopping I will only have to add a couple RAM chips and all will be well. Cross your fingers for me!! I am also needing to finish the pink and orange true colors II journal by Jan 2nd. Okay...My mind is racing with all the other things that need to get done, so I better stop before the stress sets in again.

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