Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DSL Still Down

Ever since I have moved, my DSL has been "pending" I waited 3 weeks and nothing. After hours of haggling now I have to wait another three weeks. The weird thing is that they will be sending me a new modem. That will be the 3rd they have sent me!? Getting mad has gotten me no where. The madder I got the bigger the lies and promises given by the operators got. SOOO LAME!!!!! I have like 70 e-mails and my phone or my mom's computer is the only way I can view them. I cannot do any downloads or updates for my computer and it sucks. They better get it right this time!!! I will not know until June 26th. I am crossing my fingers, but I am afraid I am jinxed or something. And to top it off...I cannot use my computer at work because it is never available. Today it was available, but the internet connection was on the fritz...typical! I better get back to my jewelry...sorry, no pictures until the DSL works.

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