Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am a Zombie

The christmas show is over and I am drained. I went to Shasta for over a week for Thanksgiving and just took it easy. I had all these little projects I wanted to do, but got to none of it. Now with all the Christmas errands, I come home drained of all enthusiasm to get anything done. I am still enjoyng WOW as a way to escape. Meetoo is only 3 levels away from getting a mount. I will get a big cat to ride that looks like Willy! I am hoppng to get there by January, but I am sure I will not make it. Donn will be comming here for the end of Dec.! He will probably keep me from playing that whole time due to him wanting to play his own charactor. His 2 main toons are named after beer...HA HA HA. I guess it is better than the toon I made named Troiee. His are Spaten and Peroni. I have been craving drawing and I have the True Color II Journal due, but I am so drained that nothing comes out right. I think I need a little more of a break. Speaking of which...I am exhausted.

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