Saturday, January 13, 2007


I forgot that the photos I wanted to post are on my laptop and here I am on my regular PC...oops. My cell phone is having trouble keeping a charge so I think I am going to get a new phone this weekend. Maybe one with a better camera so I can post better photos when I am on the go. Maybe even one with a key pad so I can do whole entries...that would be cool. Blow by blow ...Jill's life...what a blog should be ... right? Oh and it has to be no more than like 100 bucks. We will see. I am hoping to go out to the movies today, but it might have to be tomorrow. I have so much to accomplish this weekend (of course that is why I am blogging now). Finish a jewelry special order, finish a portrait, phone calls, work on a painting, journals, finish a gift for Anna... Again I have way too much on my plate. Of course you cannot forget the WOW. Need to get Meetoo to level fifty-something soon so I can get the new Burning Crusade part. There are already random demon bosses roaming around as a sign of the new black portal opening up. OOooOoo scary. Heard some REAL funny jokes about one insident in Booty Bay with a big monster named Kruul or something. I would try and explain but you really had to be there. It was something about him wanting cookies and not getting the right kind then going berserk. I was told to go to google video and enter "wow hardware store" and "wow big blue dress". I have not gone yet but plan to tonight. It is sad how much I truely love that game. Non-gammers discount me a lot for it, but it is really not what they think it is. It is not just some mind sucking game, it is not nintendo it is a whole community, a world in itself. There are real people there communicating and helping eachother out and making eachother laugh. It reminds me of the old days when the internet chat room was young and everyone was on being social and clever...then a bunch of crazy sex starved people wrecked it for everyone. The main thing is time management. You need to make sure to take care of real life too and not spend every free moment there and there alone. Moderation in everthing. I make a lot more lists now with time restrictions on them. True I play almost every day, but where regular people watch 2 hours of TV...I watch little to no TV and play instead for an end of the day escape from reality. We all do something to escape that is a total waste of time and this is just what I choose to do. I will post some WOW pics from New Years Eve tonight or tomorrow. Later!

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