Monday, November 12, 2007

It has been a Long Long Time...

It sure has been a while since I have done any real entries into my blog. I am going to try and be good again. My life has changed A LOT since July. I am doing very well and won't go into crazy details. Important thing is that I am happy and I am healthy. The 2007 Queen of Atrs show is now over and I just have a few stragling orders to take care of. I am goin to Colorado for Thanks Giving and I am VERY excited. I only wish I had more time. There seems to never be enough of that. LE and Jon will be comming to Colorado too which will be awesome. I really miss Mano and Pana and all the Brock gang! I will go to a Thanks Giving dinner next weekend with the McNutts. MMMMMMMmmMMMm 2X the turkey ...yay yay! It will be good to see everyone. And speaking of everyone... it was so nice to see all the artists and patrons at the show. I often forget what it is like to be with so many people with like intrests who really care about eachother. So many great people with so many great things to share. I wish we could all get to gether more often. Maybe the Art Clinic will be a good forum for that. I always have such large hopes and expectations after those shows. If only I could just keep up on production better. SIGH I am still trying to figure out how to make my life work right hehehe. I guess that is a constant for everyone. Anyway...I am going to load and post some photos of my work from this years show. I am considering starting a new blog that is all about my art....but maybe I just add more art to thisone. Hehehe, after all, drinking fun drinks is gonna be out for a bit lol.

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