Saturday, December 25, 2010

Seattle Drink of the Day Vacation Recap

1st drink of the day was tue after our awesome day at the Artfest Annex. We went to a very nice sushi joint down the street. I got s lychee martini.

The next night it was a Canadian street car I think. The word Canada was in it for sure. It was very good and had vernor's in it.

Notice that LE used our cups from the cruise ship where the drink of the day originated.

Day 3 was a super special drink made from orange juice and HAND MADE gin by my sister. It was like Christmas in a glass. The spices she infused in the gin was they key.

The last night was a type of mudslide made with bootstrap brandy (I think) it was strong but perfect. It was chocolate liquor perfection.

Wish I had a drink of the day every day!

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