Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Fun Cooked Up at the Art Clinic

My mom, Syd McCutcheon , hosted yet another fun day.

Sewing circles using techniques learned in a recent class her and some friends took. Really nice stuff! I was a bit occupied with my sweet little one, otherwise I would have joined in for sure! Looked like a lot of fun.

My daughter even got to play a bit. Her first time sewing and she didn't even prick her finger, in fact she was a real natural!

I took the inspiration with me and found myself sewing a bit tonight. I made some Valentine barrettes for Madison and me. I made her one last week too, but I am hoping this one stays in her hair better.

I hope to find time tomorrow to make a post and add pictures to my Flickr, but I might not find the time so......
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!
Don't forget to be your own Valentine too!

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