Monday, March 14, 2011

Got Some Barrettes Finished

I love this fabric at Knit Fit!

I cannot wait to get back to work on some journals so I have a reason to buy some.

I am also reminded of a quilt I want to start on. Once I get some squares started I can bring it in to see what I need to make it look good.

Here are some of the barrettes I finally finished and photoed.

I want to get pictures of my daughter wearing them.

She is such a beautiful model.

We have decided that Ellen's in Buellton is the best breakfast in town! And the service is always good. They are so patient with my baby.

I had hoped to work on the mural and keep forgetting about me and my Mom's collaborative pieces that need to be started. Sigh! Next weekend?

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Syd said...

All of this looks good!