Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Stuff!

I had a lot of fun finishing up these birds. I have given them all to the Art Hus for sale in Solvang. I kinda miss them all on my desk. I did not make the Mocking Bird I wanted to do and now I want to do a Red Winged Black Bird and a Barn Swallow, so I hope to make more soon. Oooo, maybe I should make an owl too. Having trouble getting any work time in.

 Had fun doing a quick sketch of my Birthday bouquet with some Copic markers.
 I am still enjoying my new nail stickers. I like the way they look holding the birds :).

Had a nice sketch day at Cachuma Lake with the sketch group. I was not feeling very inspired to sketch, but the birds and nature all around was very nice. I felt a stronger urge to sit, watch and listen than I did to sketch. Another nice way to start out a day. I am so excited to take a class from Teesha Moore this Saturday! Stay tuned for some photos. I got my silver order in to start on some special jewelry pieces, but the sheet is the wrong gauge. Stay tuned for that too ;)

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