Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still not a lot of free Time

 Had some great times with my daughter this month, had 5 days off with just me and her! She is just the best! I did find some time at the Art Clinic to work on my newest daily journal. I got the 3 signatures totally sewn and assembled, but the cover is not finished. I would have sewn it, but I wanted to embroider it this time. I have all the fabric ready and cut. I think I like it.

I have been carrying the loos signatures in my purse to work on so I can start on it while I wait for a chance to embroider. Orange and turquoise were the main theme... but I  am sure I strayed. I never know if there is a good blank page to art page ratio until I start to really work in them. I hope this one works well.

Went to Avila Barn on Saturday and went on the hay ride for our first time ( we have been there many times, but never went). We rode accross the farm to pick Ololliberries and it was a lot of fun! Our hands were stained purple by the time we gathered a basket full. My daughter helped me make a smoothie with them the next morning.
These are our matching braids :)

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Brian Lapsley said...

Looks like you had a blast!