Sunday, November 04, 2012

October is over and November has begun

Total chaos on the bench as my studio time ticks down. I feel pretty good about the variety that I made, but wish I had got the rings done. Actually finished 5 necklaces that day and had some me time at a coffee shop to finish 8 pairs of earrings. Next I had only 2 nights at home to finish the rest. I did pretty good I think.
 Here are some of those first necklaces I finished, and a bracelet.

Halloween came before our show and we had a great time! My daughter can be a real wild one :)  She drew the faces for all the pumpkins and Grandpa carved them all. They were so cool!! Some of the best Jack'O Lanterns I have ever seen. Her favorite part was handing out candy.

The Queen of Arts has come and gone. I am glad the deadlines are over. I think I have enough silver work and jewelry in stock now, that I can focus on the paper goods again. I have a big list :)  I did not get to mingle at the show much, but my baby wanted to be there both days and stay the whole time, so I got some very sweet me and her time. So stay tuned for a bunch of paper clay and paper mache work. Fall is here and the skies are gorgeous!

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Syd said...

This all looks great!! M looks like like the mermaid of Copenhagen.... Love her senorita bride look!!