Saturday, December 27, 2014

Last Last Little Bit

We had spent the day decorating the Art Hus windows with white tempera paint and just could not stop ourselves, so when we got home, we started on the sliding glass door. It was a bunch of fun! I love what my daughter contributed at both places.
It was a special year because it was our first big family tree. We always had to get a very small one to fit on top of our kitchen table and under a ceiling fan. It was pretty exciting. We had to get it before a big storm hit. It was a good thing we rushed to get it because all the trees blew over in the storm.

 Our favorite thing to do every year is to drive around and see the lights. It is just so magical! And the last stop is always the Rescue Ranch where they have Sooooooo many lights everywhere! Even Santa was there. I had fun making Christmas cards this year, but they took longer than I had hoped. I think the last 2 or 3 years I had them made and now I remember why. I did really enjoy making them all though. It feels good to make stuff that others might enjoy.

 It was another wonderful Christmas. Always so much fun decorating and wrapping and making gifts. And even better to relax and hang out with family. Always miss my sister when she is not with us, but she was having a once in a lifetime amazing good time on safari in Africa!!! Amazing!!

 Selfies while making my boyfriend's famous tamales...pretty silly. I am not good it selfies, but it was fun and the tamales were so very yum!

 Happy Holidays everyone!!! The New Year is coming! And a little bit more time off!!

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