Saturday, May 03, 2014

A Few More Photos

 "City of Lights" entry for this month's round robin journal. It was for one called "Oo La La" and has a theme of Paris. I had fun with this one. I like the style that came out.

 She has a good expression and inner strength. I am not sure about my nude mermaid, but she looks happy.
 Always a special day when we can meet up at the Corner House Coffee and get some group journaling in. Always makes me miss my sister though.
 My mom's journals are so cool and so very her.
 Just some pen pal treats. I am so behind on getting these all out. This was one of the projects I had wanted to complete today...soooo close!

 Easter was fun! My daughter had a lot of fun. I even multi-tasked a bit and got some bezels soldered onto my rings. We had our Easter Feast and sat back to take in a beautiful day! Again....missing my sister.

I hope you all are enjoying Spring and all it has to offer!!
I am back at my work desk with lots of high hopes....but it is bed time now.

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Syd said...

Beautiful!!! The art work, the photos and you my baby girl!