Sunday, November 02, 2014

Queen of Arts is Coming

 The Queen of Arts is almost here! I have no idea if I am really ready or not. Lots and lots of projects in the works. I hope to get as much done as possible. Work work work!
 Here is a peak into what goes into some of my work. This was the biggest batch of square wire rings I have ever made all at one time. I think I made over 20. I am still working on setting the stones. I am sure I will run out of stones. Here is a brief step by step:
 First the wires get cut to length.
 I then hand bend them around my ring mandrel.

 I use a rawhide mallet to get the ends close enough to solder.

 They all get soldered.
 I then pull out my hand made metal punches I made in college.
 I actually stamp the designs right on the ring mandrel (not easy but I like the effect)
 All ready for a bezel and then the tumbler. So that was my rings.
Another one of my favorite things are the red enamel heart earrings. They start off as copper sheet then I cut them out with metal shears.
 Here are my regular earrings with my ones ready for enamel.
 They all get finished, shaped, drilled and stamped.
 Then I lay on the glass powder enamel and get it ready to fire.

 I do not own a kiln so this is all done with my torch. They turn black then red as they cool. Just love this color red, it never gets old.
 Here is my newest color. I hope you like it. My daughter liked it so much, I made her a necklace with one.
So I am just buzzing along, quite lost, with all my pieces I am trying to finish. I will have my big red enamel heart necklaces back again this year to go with the earrings. I hope to get some ornaments and paperclay tags finished along with my paper mache birds, old paintings, and some fun journals if I find the time. Time to redo all my lists to see what can and won't get done for the show. Don't worry though if you miss the Queen of Arts or if I do not finish because it will all end up at the Art Hus and maybe my Etsy page.
Halloween was a bunch of fun.
 My daughter did all our face paint. She is getting pretty good.
 Halloween bought us the rain we so desperately needed and it came full force right at 8PM, right when we were finished and ready to pack it in. I have so missed the rain and the beauty it can bring.
Happy Fall everyone!!

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