Thursday, May 19, 2016

Draft Horse Mural

 This was my big exciting project! A custom mural for a local Air B and B. She wanted draft horses pulling an old plow from left to right in my signature style. I love when I get to paint for someone who gets my style. This was a big challenge for me due to the tackle on the horses, the photo reference was not how I wanted it so I had to alter it a bit, and there was a person in the composition. It did feel so good to be painting again. It seems I can only fit in one painting a year and the last 2 were commissioned. Here is the progression of this piece from big blank sign board to ready to hang.

 I worked on this piece in my parent's garage due to it being 4ftx7ft. It worked out real well except for the sun creeping in and making it hard to see and photograph. I had a lot of pleasure pushing the paint around on this one and it sounds like the new owner loves it too. I am making this a qick post. I meant to write this entry 2 months ago, but life has been crazy hectic and the WIFI where I am blogging today is a bit slow.

Final photo before hanging this piece up. I will post a photo Holly sent me of it hung next.

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