Sunday, March 05, 2006

Donn is Now in Shasta

Mom came over today and really helped me kick start the cleaning of my appartment. I cannot wait to get started on the rest. I also cannot wait to get some projects done. I am keeping as busy as I can to keep from getting too lonely with Donn gone. It sounds like he is doing the same. I miss him and wounder what he is doing. He said it was snowing up there. I wish I was there and could play in the snow. It is good to finally have the time and "space" to go thru everthing and weed out as much as I can. Boy is there going to be some great art stuff for who ever is lucky enough to catch my art garage sale. No time prediction yet. I do need to get going and go thru ALL my collage stuff and old wrapping paper for mom to take to Art Fest. It is so much easier to get rid of art stuff when you know it will go to good use. Well it is WAY past the time I wanted to go to bed. I am hopping to go to Cold Springs tomorow and finish some ATCs. I started a series of ones in a dif. style than I have done before and I really like them. It will be hard to give them away :)

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Zemlet said...

You can ship all your art stuff to the Art Asylum for Art Fest. Let me know if you want the address. Then you know it will go to people who will love it.