Saturday, March 18, 2006

St Patrick's Day

Had a great time this year for St. Patricks Day. Finally had my green beer! I dreamed about it ever since I turned 21, and it finally happened. It was not how I pictured it though. I always imagined a frosty mug with green beer with a big, green foamy head on it. I will post the picture later. Last year was nice too (Ithink it was last year). I went to the Mercury Lounge and drank a few guiness in which the bar tender poured a clover design into its head. Very classy. There was also a pot luck on the pool table, a real intimate homey feeling. Donn went to the billy goat and drank guiness and harp all night. We both had fun. I am off to get my cornedbeef and potatoes (do not like cabbage too much) Later

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