Sunday, April 09, 2006

Let's Try and Recap

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I am moving at the end of this month so all is a bit crazy and I do not get on the computer much. I finished and sent of the true colors II book (the bird) that was a fun one and I sent it off early. I went to an art class in Santa Anna wich was fun. I made a long and narrow journal. It is sewn together but not finished. I learned some new techniques in acrylic. I went to see Donn. We met in Oakland and got free passes to Great America. The Invertago (behind Donn's head) was the BEST ride!! So scary! But the bumper cars with our large group was really fun. Next time I see Donn it will be amoungst total chaos and stress: i.e. THE MOVE. Crazy!
I went to an opening at UCSB for the journals of Dan Eldon. That was really neat to see then in person and hear his mom speak and see all his friends he had photoed in his journals, but I sometimes forget how snotty Santa Barbarians can be. I will have to go back with mom sometime and get a better look. This was one of the journals. I would post the green beer and my last ATCs but I am logged into the wrong part of my computer.
My car got hit by a rock on the way home from seeing Eldon's show :( It luckily only took out half of one headlight. My high beems and day lights do not work, only the regular headlights. I hope to get that fixed soon. Well I better get off to the gym, check on an item in Solvang and then get back to cleaning, sorting and packing. Way too much to do!!

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Syd said...

Is That a halo on Donn? ....I don't think so.