Saturday, July 01, 2006

Procrastinating..Or is it Just too Hot

I was hopping to have the TC II Journal done and sent by today, but did not plan for its large size. The spread is like 24" by 12". I have started my Zebra, But I am not quite halfway done. I will work on it today and hope to finish it. I am off to Dinosaur Caves with Mom tomorrow. I hope to do some sketching and some tanning. We might go to Nacho Libre in Santa Maria after that, on the way home. Monday at work will be totally crazy!! I am sure it will be a late night and very hard to get a lunch. We have been spoiled by our savior, Nancy being in town for the las few weeks and helping us out. It will be an adjustment now that she is back in Oaklahoma. Then The 4th of July I have a bit of work to do and the I am off to Shasta! Donn is bummed I will not be there 'till later that night, but I am not going because of the holiday, I am going to see him. Oh well. I am hopping the trip goes well, it will be a lot of driving in the heat and a lot of $$$ in the gas tank. I hope to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean wile I am up there. I just joined the new 1001 Journals. I hope to get some journals to work on. I think I will make a couple to put in coffee shops in SB. I hear they are always stollen. If that is the case I hope to get some scans or photos in before that happens. Maybe I should get one ready for the next ATC swap at Good Cup in SB. I better get cracking on some ATCs too. That is comming up! Well it is noe 78 in my room so maybe I will go to the studio and get to work. It should still be somewhat cool in there. Started a game called Paradise. I will play somemore tonight. It is a bit teadious but the effects and backgrounds are cool. Keep Cool!!

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