Sunday, July 23, 2006

Trip to Getty and a Dodger Game

Went to The Getty for a sketchcrawl, but could not find anyone. That place is huge! So pretty and only cost $7. Amazing! Too hot though, but so was ... everywhere. I hope everyone posts their work since I was not able to meet up. I had never been there before and cannot wait to go back ... when it is cooler.

Went to my sister and her husband's new place and dipped in her pool after the Getty then we all went to a Dodger Game. It was 98 at the game and the Dodgers lost. It was fun though, and it did cool off towards the end.

Wow Has it been hot. I am not sleeping well at all. It is going on 3 weeks straight now! Enough already! The whole country is too hot. Man I wish I had AC. It is late and I have work tomorrow so I better at least try to sleep before then. It is now 87 in my room.

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Nan said...

Jill, I'm sorry we did not find each other at the Getty! I love how you captured the Getty building in your top sketch! Your ink and watercolor combination works very well! Thanks for sharing!